Refinery Accidents

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The Polotko Law Firm represents injured refinery workers of all kinds and their loved ones. Legal professional Steve Polotko has challenged refinery and big oil companies and achieved exceptional results. For over 30 years, he's earned millions for clients who've suffered or perished at the hands of refineries and oil companies. He handles all claim negotiations himself, ensuring they proceed responsibly and carefully. Steve is available seven days a week to discuss your case and strategy.
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How Do Refinery Accidents Occur?

Many things can cause a refinery accident or explosion, but they are almost always preventable and due to the negligence of one or more persons. The scope and severity of refinery disasters vary depending on the size of the blast, injuries sustained, and loss of life, but they may all be subject to legal action. It's crucial for workers and their loved ones to know their legal rights and what accidents they can file claims. Below is a list of the ways refinery accidents can happen.

Improper Storage

Storing hazardous materials and chemicals safely and carefully in designated containers is crucial to preventing accidents, injury, and loss of life. If materials are improperly stored, they could leak, spill, and become vulnerable to igniting into flame. A catastrophe caused by poor storage can lay grounds for a claim.

Inadequate Training

We'd like to think that all refinery workers are fully trained, certified, and competent in their job, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes, companies will cut corners or fail to educate their crews and ensure they meet compliance. Following rules and regulations to a tee is essential to keeping refineries secure.

Unknowing Negligence

A worker may be unaware that the materials they are charged with are hazardous, toxic, or flammable. Their lack of knowledge can cause them to unknowingly mishandle the materials. Even a minor slip-up or oversight on the job can lead to a significant accident or disaster.