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Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, TX

The Polotko Law Firm is dedicated to the rights of their clients and the compensation they're owed. Steve Polotko has helped countless clients earn their just compensation for over three decades. He handles complex and minor cases with the utmost determination for his clients. Focusing on trucking and motor-vehicle accidents, investment fraud, maritime law, refinery accidents, dramshop litigation, and more, you can depend on Steve Polotko to advocate for you and your family's best interests according to the law.
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About Steve Polotko, Attorney At Law

Steve Polotko has proven himself countless times in challenging individuals, industries, and other entities responsible for negligence or wrongful actions. Steve's track record is virtually flawless and includes millions of dollars recovered for his clients against companies ranging from oil, automotive, and maritime operations. He handles many types of cases, from wrongful death, negligence, business litigation, and some specialized criminal cases.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Steve has practiced law and negotiated claims for over three decades with exceptional results. During his career, he's been involved in many kinds of negligence cases. He negotiates every claim himself and never outsources them to case managers, providing a hands-on, professional approach to clients.

Millions Paid Out to Clients

As a seasoned legal expert, Steve knows how to face companies, large industries, and insurance companies with determination and confidence. He has a virtually perfect record of excellence, with millions of dollars paid to victims with injuries due to auto, workplace, and refinery accidents.

Constant Communication

Steve understands how important it is to be available when his clients need him. If you're the victim of a negligent accident, you don't have time to wait for help. Steve is available by cell phone seven days a week to ease your worries and provide comfort in your time of need.

Don't Pay Unless You Win

At The Polotko Law Firm, nothing is more important than your recovery and success. Steve strives for complete success in every case. That's why his fees are contingent upon the outcome of his client's cases. If we don't win then you don't owe us anything for our time and service. With so much at stake, you can depend on Steve to fight relentlessly for you, methodically building your case to achieve the best results.

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