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The Jones Act, or the Merchant Marine Act, is the federal law that offers the most protection for seafarers and workers. Steve Polotko founded The Polotko Law Firm and is a renowned Jones Act lawyer for maritime workers and their families in Houston, TX. As a seasoned lawyer, Steve has over 30 years of experience handling all kinds of maritime accidents and their claims. He will guard the rights and compensation you're entitled to under the Jones Act and serve as your leading advocate.
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How Does the Jones Act Protect Seafarers?

The federal Jones Act exists to hold companies accountable and give seafarers just compensation after being injured on the job. It regulates how goods are transported and commercial shipping in coastal waters. According to the act, any person working over 25% of the time on a commercial vessel deserves compensation. If you are one such individual, you can hold the company liable for injuries sustained while working due to negligence or wrongdoing. Below is a list of benefits you could receive under the Jones Act.

Maintenance and Cure

Under maintenance and cure, companies must cover an injured worker's living costs and wages while they are recovering and unable to work. The company must also cover the worker's medical and rehabilitation costs. Maintenance and cure are intended to help sea workers when they cannot help themselves.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Suffering

The Jones Act can cover costs incurred by any physical, mental, or emotional pain workers endure during and after their recovery. This may include the costs of physical therapies and trauma therapies, and it can also include any medication costs.

Loss of Consortium

The Jones Act extends sea workers' loved ones. If your husband, wife, partner, or relative was injured or killed in a commercial maritime accident, you could receive compensation. You can claim that compensation is owed due to loss of companionship, love, comfort, intimacy, and more.

How Do I Prove Maritime Negligence?

According to the Jones Act, it must be proven that the company or a worker acted negligently and that their actions resulted in injury or death. Employers can be held accountable for improper training or failing to train crew members, failing to set up required safety policies and protocols, or failing to repair and upkeep the vessel properly. Dangers upon the vessel, such as hazardous working conditions or operating defective or dysfunctional equipment, can also lay grounds for filing a claim.
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