Investment Fraud

Dependable Investment Fraud Lawyer in Houston, TX

If you've fallen victim to a bad investment due to others' negligence or misleading acts, The Polotko Law Firm will stand by your side. Steve Polotko is a seasoned investment fraud lawyer in Houston, TX with over 30 years of experience in diligently fighting for his clients. He serves honest, hardworking people who've been preyed upon or manipulated by financial advisors, brokers, or firms. Steve fulfills every claim himself and works directly with his clients from beginning to end to achieve optimal results.
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Why Investment Fraud Lawyers Are Crucial

An investment fraud lawyer is one who helps investors regain their losses after their financial advisor, broker, or investment firm acts negligently or maliciously. Investment claims are among the most complex because each circumstance is unique. Brokers and advisors can be held liable, but there are cases where they are also the victims of a predatory or manipulative firm. Having a lawyer review your fraud case is critical to evaluating every detail and determining who is ultimately responsible for your losses. Below are common types of investment fraud.

Suitably Investments

Brokers and advisors must recommend investment options that are suitable and make sense for their investors. If an investment is deemed unsuitable and results in a loss of money, the broker or advisor has failed to protect their client and can be held liable for their malpractice.

Misrepresenting Investment

When a broker or advisor provides their client with flawed or incorrect information regarding an investment, they can be held responsible for what is known as negligent misrepresentation. Firms can also mislead brokers and advisors by providing faulty or false information.

Bond Misconduct

Many advisors and brokers offer bonds because they are believed to be safe. However, if any negligence, fraud, or other inappropriate activity occurs regarding the bond, countless investors could lose significant amounts of their portfolio and retirement at no fault of their own.

Have a Trusted Lawyer on Your Side

You might be the victim of a negligent or misleading advisor, broker, or firm without a clue. Further, there are many federal and state rules and regulations regarding investments and securities that add to their complexity. Steve Polotko has years of experience navigating investment law. You can rely on Steve to analyze every detail of your case carefully and develop a strategy to earn you the compensation you deserve.
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