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Seafarers and dockers spend long days ensuring cargo, fishing, and rig operations run smoothly and safely. If catastrophe strikes on the job, you can rely on The Polotko Law Firm to protect and advocate for your compensation. Steve Polotko is a maritime injury lawyer serving Houston, TX sea workers of all backgrounds and professions. He helps our clients navigate the complex maritime legal system, Jones Act, and maintenance and cure to get them the most for your claim. With over 30 years of proven, outstanding results, Steve is prepared to earn you the most from your jobsite injury.
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You're Entitled to Maintenance and Cure

If you're a sea worker who has been injured on the job, you are entitled to maintenance and cure. These benefits reimburse living costs and medical expenses. After your injury, your employer must distribute maintenance and cure benefits until you have recovered, can work again, or have completed your medical treatment. Benefits will vary depending on your living needs and recovery time. Steve Polotko will determine the amount of support you need and factor in your medical treatments and rehabilitation.

On-Deck Injuries

Boat crews must work hard to wash, paint, and perform other necessary tasks on deck. Accidents that commonly occur on deck include crew members falling overboard, slipping, falling, mechanical accidents, lifting accidents, electrical incidents, and exposure to toxins and chemicals.

Tugboat, Fishing Boat, and Vessel Accidents

Boats and vessels can experience many types of accidents. Collisions with docks, barges, land, and with other vessels are not uncommon. These accidents can cause vessels to capsize, ground, sink, catch on fire, or explode. Crew members may also fall or get tossed overboard.

Drilling and Jack-Up Rigs Accidents

Working drilling or jack-up rigs is an inherently dangerous profession, but companies must still maintain and follow safety protocols. Rig explosions and other disasters can occur due to worker or company negligence, human oversight, equipment malfunction, collisions, or collapse.

Utilizing Maritime Law on Land

You can also use maritime law for land-based incidents related to the water. Crew members who work on docks, ports, bridges, on-land waterways, harbors, and shipyards are entitled to the same rights and protections as those who work at sea. Maritime law isn't strictly for the ocean – it can also be applied to land-based water bodies like lakes and rivers in certain situations. If you're an on-land worker whose sustained injury or loss in a water-related accident, The Polotko Law Firm can help you.
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